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(A joint musical remix of Welcome to Miami performed by Flint, Volkner and the Sinnoh League Cheerleaders.)

(both singing)
uh- sinnoh yeah, yeah...sunnyshore, bringing the heat- jig it out, uh

verse 1:(volkner singing)
here i am in the place where my pokeballs let go-sinnoh
the grass and the sun set low.
Everyday like a pokemon parade- everbody party all day
no work- all play, ok

so we catcha liitle koffing, leave it in the ball to chill.
me and flint at the leage running up the elec bill
nutin; less than nill when we play for thrill,
and every time the trainers pass they be like "my seel!?"

Ya'll feel me
All types and evolvations,
Real tough faces, every single incarnation
grass, water, fire, ice,
fighting, ghost, they're all right

I only come for 2 days of battlin', but every time we win
we always wind up prowlin'.
This the type of region i could spend a few days in,
Sinnoh the land that keeps the land shaking .

(both singing)
Party in the Gym where my heat is on.
All night In the League where our pokemon brawl.
Welcome to Sinnoh (bienvenido a Sinnoh)
Bouncin' in the Gym where my heat is on
All night In the League where our pokemon brawl
I'm going to Sinnoh, welcome to Sinnoh

(flint singing)
Yo i heard Volkner's angst aint nutin to mess wit
but theres no "mud" without "kip"
its pretty sick
Cynthia half dressed, fully equipped,
and they be fainting out
"Flint, we loved your last crit!"

So i'm thinking i'ma catch me something hot
in this Turnback melting pot.
HOttest League in the world and its right in Sinnoh
Infernape, get to ya'- its about to reach
500 degrees in the flamin feces
with the dozens of trainers screaming "battle meeee"
Everytime we come to town they be spotting us,
Cause Volkner always be powering it down.
So cash in your badges and lets flow to this Elite show.
Flames or Thunder anywhere you wanna go.
Yo, aint no place in the world like this, but if you ask how i know,
i gotsta blame the afro, Sinnoh!

(volkner singing)
Dont get me wrong kanto got it going on
and johto is the city that we know dont sleep.
And we all know Hoenn stays jiggy, but on the ekans,
Sinnoh bringing sparks for real, team rocket dont understand.
I never seen so many different pokemon that looked so grand.
"Flint-baby, this is plan, fireblast that creep, i'll shock the man, give
me a hand. Bam! you're beaten, lets go to ss anne in the west keys, ride a
seaking, battle in the pro leage."
Cause you gottta have 8 badges a piece to get to the elite or youre meat.
luxray and raichu near, so no need fo fear.
$100,000 TMs, nobodys got em.
Aint no other place like this in the pokemon world, sinnoh, my only home. and my friend rewrote the lyrics "Welcome to Miami" but with a Sinnoh twist, I hope you all enjoy! It was a blast to write in like under 30 minutes.
MM-12 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Are you referring to the same "Welcome to Miami" sung my Will Smith?
If so, I give you kudos for rewriting some of it to fit it into Sinnoh style |DDD
I think you and your friend did a good job. xP
TheCay Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
XD YUP!!! We remade Welcome to Miami in like 10 minutes out of boredem.
MM-12 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thats awesome x3
Much praise to you and your friend! :D
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